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Frequently Asked Questions
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SlimLine Pods

How do I view a reservation I booked online?

If you created or logged into an account when booking your appointment, you can log into the system to view your appointments. Click the Sign Up/Log In link in the right-hand corner. Once signed in, use the “My Account” tab to view appointments.

What if I want to reserve multiple services?
If you want to reserve multiple services on a single day: After you select your first service, click "Select another Service" to select a second. Repeat this process to select a third, fourth, etc.

If you want to reserve services on an additional day: Use the "Book more appointments" link on the final confirmation screen to book appointments on additional days.

Where can I find descriptions of services or packages?
Click directly on the service or package name to view its description.

What do I do if my service is not available?
If no times are available on the date you selected, you can check availability for neighboring days or weeks by clicking through the date tabs.

If you can't find any appointments, you can also call us at (610) 291-8750.

I've selected the wrong service. Can I change my selection?
Yes. Use the controls at the top of the "Select Appointments" screen to change your service, preferred staff (if applicable) and time.

How can I find out prices and availability before I make a booking?
You can use our system to check prices and general availability at any time. We cannot guarantee that the exact appointment you want will be available if you decide to book at a later point in time.

What should I do if I need more help?
Call us at 484.842.1885

SlimLine Pod

What do I wear in the SlimLine Pods?
You can wear anything from a bathingsuit, t-shirt & shorts, underwear, or nothing at all. During your session you may sweat so we recommend you bring a change of clothes.

What is the SlimLine Weight Management Program?
The SlimLine Doctor-Directed Weight Management Program provides a “Complete Diet, Exercise and Metabolic Solution” to the problem of losing weight and keeping it off! The SlimLine Program features multiple components to insure optimal results. You can enroll in a 7, 11 or 20 week weight loss program depending on your individual circumstances and goals.

What is the scientific theory of the SlimLine Program?
The SlimLine Program will help you safely and comfortably increase your metabolism and daily caloric consumption. The program eliminates the problem of slowed metabolic rate associated with traditional diets. At the same time, it encourages following a healthy diet, eating regular meals so you avoid experiencing any cravings or nutritional deficiencies, and getting regular exercise.

What are the basic tenets of the SlimLine Program?
When you follow the simple steps of the SlimLine Program, you will lose weight. The program is based on the combination of four key elements – Metabolic Stimulation, Exercise, Detoxification and Diet.

How much weight can I lose?
The amount of weight you will lose in the program depends on a number of factors. Your counselor will initially measure your height, weight and frame size to determine your “ideal weight range”. Your target weight loss goals will be determined by your current weight and your “ideal weight range.” Some patients have too much weight to lose in a single program and will need a longer time period to reach their “ideal weight range.” Obviously, the amount of weight you lose also depends on your compliance with the program.

How quickly will I lose weight?
You can begin losing weight immediately. If you follow the SlimLine Program carefully, your weight loss will be steady and safe. This is not a dangerous “crash diet” program. In fact, it is not a diet program at all. It is a scientific, proven lifestyle modification program which will give you the tools you need to maintain your sleek new shape and weight for a lifetime!

How do I keep the weight off when I am no longer on the program?
The SlimLine Program will guide you into your “ideal body weight range” and show you how to stay in this range for the rest of your life through simple walking exercises and healthy, moderate eating. You will have a number of options for long term maintenance. You will be free to choose which of these options works best for you.