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Eyebrow Extensions
We'll give you the look you desire by filling, defining, or totally restoring your natural eyebrows. This is a painless process that takes precision and time to give you a glamorous brow line.
(Picture shows a Tier Two Brow Service)
• Semi-Permanent - lasts several weeks
• Great for special occasions & regular daily wear
• Water Resistant - shower and swim worry free
• Comes in various lengths, thicknesses, & colors
• A relaxing & painless procedure
Brow Extension Pricing:
Tier One - $55
Fill in gaps, cover scars, adding length to your brow line
Tier One Refill - $25

Tier Two
- $80
Defining and shaping of your brow line
Tier Two Refill - $35

Tier Three
- $125
Total reconstruction of your brow line
Tier Three Refill - $45
Frequently Asked Questions

How long do they last?
Lavish Lashes eyebrow extensions can last 7-14 days. Because your skin naturally secretes oils, the extensions will last longer when they are adhered to hair rather than the skin.

Can you adhere the eyebrow extensions to the skin?
Yes, the adhesive is clear and can be used to apply brow extension to existing brows or directly to the skin.

How long does the treatment take?
The duration of the treatment depends on what needs to be done and can take anywhere from 15 minutes to over an hour. As a guideline, a 30 minute treatment would be needed to fill in small gaps/scars or extend the brow line at the edges. A 45-60 minute treatment would be needed to rebuild or fill in a sparse existing brow. A whole new eyebrow where the hairs are not currently growing or extremely sparse brows could take up to or over an hour.

Do they look and feel natural?
The brow extensions look and feel exactly like your natural brows with one exception, they are PERFECT!

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