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Slimline Pod Alpha LED Light Pod
Facilitates natural skin cleansing and tightens the skin tissues utilizing specialized LED light waves (red and yellow LEDs), along with therapeutic dry heat. While relaxing, the skin detoxifies, and eliminates excess fluids.

This pre-set program starts to increase heat for acclimatization and progressively increases metabolism and subsequently burns more calories. Vibration stimulates the movements of muscle and tissue and helps to relieve stress and enhance circulation.

To contour and pay attention to areas of concern such as cellulite, while heat continues to raise the metabolic rate, which by using body wraps and products will help to contour and tone the body and encourage inch loss.

Core Strength
High heat at the maximum of 178º F (81º C) to increase metabolic rate, burn a maximum of calories, continue to detoxify the body from impurities, excess fluid and toxins and improve blood and lymphatic circulation.

Obesity Primary 20%
Maximum dry heat setting at 178º F (81º C) to continue to raise the basal metabolic rate. Burns calories, detoxifies, improves cardiovascular efficiency, and stimulates circulation with specialized intense red and yellow LED light. Vibration mimics exercise and stimulates the movements of the muscles and tissues.

Over Weight 5%
This treatment will provide intense moisturization, toning and relaxation, along with a mild cleansing to help release toxins.

Over Weight 10%
Raises basal metabolic rate, increases toxin elimination and decreases tissue fluid retention. The skin is left rejuvenated and energy levels are boosted.

Over Weight 15%
This treatment will increase metabolism, refine the silhouette by tightening the skin and facilitating water excess loss. Great inch loss treatment combined with special compression wrap.

Tissue Tightening
To firm and tighten the entire body utilizing specialized LED light waves, along with therapeutic dry heat. Improves skin elasticity, rejuvenates and smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles and stimulates collagen and elastin renewal.

Facilitates natural skin cleansing with yellow LEDs. Detoxification will help lose water, fluid excess, toxins and impurities. This is a great treatment to start a weight loss programme.

Prevents signs of aging by hydrating and conditioning the skin, while improving the tone and texture of the entire body and face utilizing specialized LED light waves, along with therapeutic dry heat.

Healing Accelerator
Soothes and improves skin texture. Increases circulation within the entire body while rejuvenating and invigorating thanks to the dry heat and red LEDs.

Maintain Set Point
Increases slow metabolism until the body starts to lower its "set point". Increases calorie consumption, improves cardiovascular efficiency and stimulates senses with LEDs, vibration bed and aromatherapy.

Body Contouring
To contour, firm and tone the silhouette, thanks to the red LEDs by stimulating collagen and the elastin renewal process. Vibration mimics exercise and stimulates the movements of the muscles and tissues.
Lite Sleep
Inspire with the passionate, vibrant colors of Alpha LED™ in this program to uplift a depleted mood.

Alpha Dream
Energize, revitalize, and revolutionize your spa experience with Ruby Red radiance.

Alpha Dream 120
This program will clear the mind and give mental clarity with brilliant Amber Yellow light.

Body Wrap
This session is specifically programmed to work handin-hand with any body wrap or masque, act as a luxurious heat source, and synergistically enhance the experience and its benefits.

Weight Management
Heat up with temperatures up to 170°F; this program is as stimulating as a jog on the beach and offers a radical high-heat detoxification

High Heat Detox
Stimulate circulation, enhance cellulite reduction, and deeply detoxify in this high-heat program.

If a dreary day has you down, this program is for you! Energize and ease the symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder with the same full spectrum white light as the sun.

Boost the benefits of Alpha LED™’s with pressure point stimulation and relaxing vibration.

A heat cocoon is sure to alleviate the stresses of the day… you’ll emerge from this session rejuvenated and refreshed.

Pure White
This rejuvenating program purifies and beautifies, leaving skin feeling new and refreshed.

Pain Relief
Relieve, relax, and soothe an aching body with this unique program designed to give your muscles and body the tender loving care they need.

Skin Care
Cleanse and beautify the skin with heat and essential oil aromas in this rejuvenating program for the skin.

Embraced by heat, Alpha LED™’s gentle vibration and Blue Dream hues provide true relaxation, peace, and health.

This program uses ancient aromas and rhythmic vibration to balance the mind, body, and spirit.

Pre-Post Massage
This program will soothe the body and mind through calming soft lavender tones and aromas.

Achieve natural cleansing through the power of heat and restore your body’s natural balance.

Tap into the restorative powers of Alpha LED™’s ancient wisdom to strengthen the immune system with this delightfully renewing program.

Invigorate and stimulate the senses with this program designed to increase energy and alertness.