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SlimLine & Alpha LED Pods
The SlimLine and Alpha LED Light Pods integrate heat and LED light therapy for a complete weight management and total body wellness system.

The capsule is a traditional dry heat sauna. The bed of the capsule is also heated & vibrates according to your personal preference. Each Pod is capable of reaching up to 178˚F. There is no moisture involved and your head is not inside the machine.

The Pods are also equipped with LED lights. Each light combination serves a different purpose that can range from collagen reformation, detoxification, acne treatment, and treatment of fine lines & wrinkles.

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Key Benefits
• Increases your metabolism
• Stimulates circulation
• Increases your metabolic rate
• Reduces stress, aches and pains
• Incorporates LED Light Therapy
• Increases energy
• Firms skin while reducing fine lines & wrinkles
• Collagen reformation
• Cleanses your body with a detox process
• Helps to relax the mind and body
Pod Colors
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