Alpha LED Pod

RejuvePod Alpha LED Light Sauna Pod

Imagine emerging from a spa that treats your body and soothes your soul. Can you see it? Well it's right here! Now you can experience it for yourself. 

Encapsulated in our Alpha LED Pod, skin is treated to the power of a dry heat sauna while floating on a perfectly contoured ergonomic bed. Vibratory massage and essential aroma calm your body. Gentle music blocks out any other sound. Experience the ultimate in pampering and  luxury. Step into Alpha LED Pod and a world of complete relaxation.

Infrared Cocoon

RejuvePod Cocoon Wellness Sauna Pod

Whether you are looking to relax with a hot, full body massage, lose weight and inches, or firm and tone your body, the Cocoon offers something for everybody!

Customers of all ages, body types, and from every demographic will benefit from using the Cocoon. Featuring deeply penetrating infrared heat, the Cocoon will have your muscles feeling like they just underwent a complete and full rejuvenation. The Cocoon reaches temperatures approaching 195˚. 

Dry Heat & Vibrations

Warm up tired muscles by providing complete relaxation. Zonal vibration in combination with heated massage bed improves peripheral blood flow and lymphatic drainage, helps to reduce spasm of skeletal muscles and the active removal of the accumulated lactic acid.

Infrared Heat

The Infrared Heat energy is emitted in the form of “invisible” light, absorbed by the water in the body tissue and transmitted through the body by conduction (heated still air).

LED Lights

LED lights stimulate cellular activity, including the fibroblasts that produce collagen, which gives young skin its plump look. They help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, treat sun-damage, and reduce redness.


The Pods can be customized to your desired temperature. The Alpha reaches a max of 178˚F while the Cocoon can max at 194˚F. Don't worry, your head is out of each pod with cooling fans keeping you comfortable. 


Each session is automatically set to 40 minutes. Maximum of 80 minutes limited during a 24 hour time period. 


GET IN A POD! These pods help release serotonin through the body which aids in a reduction of stress and puts the body in a euphoric state. 

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